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At TMBC, we teach preschool children ages 3-5 years and Elementary children in 1st-5th Grade through the curriculum Grow Kids.  Below is the current series we are teaching so you can follow along with your child as well as some resources as parents you can use throughout the week at home.



Kids love to be in the kitchen. They may even love helping prepare something delicious! Having a plan or a recipe usually helps, too. Just like having a plan in the kitchen helps the meal we hope to enjoy, the stories of the Old Testament prophets are like a cookbook that helped people prepare for the Savior that God would send one day. Even though there’s no exact recipe, kids will find that they can prepare themselves for a loving relationship with God when they 1) trust God, 2) talk to God, 3) listen to God, and 4) leave the results to God.

We believe that you are amazing and more than qualified to parent the kids that you are raising. That being said, even the greatest superheroes accomplish more when they are working with a team. We too often associate asking for help with weakness, when in reality, asking for help makes you (and everyone around you) better!  You are an incredible human who deserves to feel inspired, energized, and ready to take on the day today. We think the videos below can help you feel a little bit closer to your maximum awesomeness.