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At TMBC, we will become a church that is central in the community by keeping Christ, His Word, and His commission as central elements of our faith. We envision a future where fellowship, prayer, and evangelism merge together into one central message of hope, redemption, and restoration.


To get a good understanding of our vision, it is important to understand the difference between vision and mission. Mission is what an organization does – it answers the question, “What do we do?” It is action. It is the vehicle for vision or the roadmap to the vision. It looks at today and is focused on the present. Mission involves management. For a church, mission describes the unchanging biblical purpose given by Jesus for His Church.

On the other hand, vision is the results of what an organization does – it answers the question, “What will happen as a result of what we do?” It is results. It is the ends or consequences of mission. It looks forward and is orientated to the future. Vision involves leadership. For a church, vision describes the qualities of ministry a church desires to be known for and provides a concrete picture of their desired future.

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